SpiceBox Passport 2018 - Celebrating Diversity in Seattle Theatre!

Seattle theater scene is offering up a full menu of the most diverse line ups of plays this summer into fall, the city has seen in a while. To see more shows without breaking the bank, you’ll want to check out the list of theaters participating in the SpiceBox Passport.

What is the SpiceBox Passport? 

So glad you asked! Starting this summer, Seattle's theatre scene is sizzling with more flavors than we normally get to savor! There are about a dozen plays with ethnic and cultural diversity, all playing within the next six months. The SpiceBox Passport is a way for you, the generous and supportive theatre-goer, to see all of these plays at discounted prices.

How do I get this discount? 

Once you get your tickets for any of the shows participating in SpiceBox Passport, you will receive a special discount code that you can use to purchase tickets for any of the other participating theatres. The discount levels vary from show to show and are set by each participating company.

What makes a show eligible to be a part of SpiceBox Passport 2018?

SpiceBox is a collection of theatre productions that feature ethnically diverse casts or themes - not as a matter of accident or coincidence, but as a result of a conscious and deliberate choice. The choice may be made during the selection of the season or as decisions made during casting.

Which theater companies are part of SpiceBox Passport 2018?

ReAct Theatre / Pratidhwani / Forward Flux Productions / ACT Theatre /  SIS Productions / Pork Filled Productions / Midnight Rice Productions / REBATEnsemble / Mirror Stage / Seattle Public Theater

What are the plays I can see this year?

Click on "Upcoming Shows" tab to see plays that are currently in the middle of their run, or will open later this year.

Click on "Previous Shows" tab to see participating shows that have already closed.